Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quick Update

So I've been busy lately and have taken a quick break from the Gourmet but will be back before you can say President Santorum. My stomach has actually been giving me issues lately so I haven't been as extreme with my eating habits as I sometimes tend to be. But we'll get back to that soon.

In the meantime here's some content I've been working on since you obviously idolize me:

Here's a video I filmed and edited for the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services working with the fine staff of the Carlsbad shelter. Last month there was a retriever who was shot and abandoned by the Viejas Casino and news of the incident spread like a wildfire. The dog, named Chance, received the best care and was formally adopted today. This video we worked on as a way to show his recovery as well as the happy nature of the shelter and the folks who work there.

Why, after all these years, does YouTube STILL not let you pick your own thumbnail?

And in case you missed it, here's a game I programmed called Nazi Hunter for your vengeful enjoyment.

And here's another one: Greg's Gourmet: The Matching Game!

I was thinking of posting links to a couple pieces of writing, but I'd rather keep those to myself until they're off to competition.

Well, okay, here's a little Gourmet action for you:

If you make Macaroni from the box, don't bother following the instructions.  Boil the noodles for at least 12 minutes. Mix in the real cheese after draining, then mix in the boxed cheese.  THEN you add the dairy. Butter first. Make sure it touches all parts of the pot, then add the milk to bring everything together. After that I add a barrage of seasonings including salt, pepper, smoked paprika, barbecue sauce, and a tad of hot sauce. Mix in some pizza rolls for a more filling experience. It's so awesome. 

And here's a club from the Mt. Soledad Market & Deli

New gourmet coming soon.

Thanks for reading!