Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nazi Hunter

This new game here has nothing to do with food...unless you have a yearning hunger to blow up Nazis.  I just needed somewhere to share it.

Note: May not work on certain phones.  Also, if you see something such as "Missing Plugin", try downloading the latest version of Flash Player.  It's free!  Also note: after clicking "commence", click once more to wake up the controls.

So here's my latest programming venture, a game so stylish, so cool, so most bodaciously excellent that 1988 called and said it wanted it back.  I give to you: NAZI HUNTER:

The Allied sub with enough nuclear firepower to end WWII

Nazi Destroyer

Nazi Carrier...though technically Germany didn't have any during the war because they were all blown up by the Allied sub with enough nuclear firepower to end WWII.

Nazi submarine

Nazi speedboat captained by Moe and Larry.  Curly fell overboard

Nazi plane

SS row boat captained by Hugh Jass

The funny thing is I put a lot of effort into detailing each vehicle which was kind of pointless because you don't see much in the actual game.  I also want to alter the method of scoring to make it so if you blow up a row boat it's worth 10 points, a speed boat is 8, a carrier is 1, etc., etc.  Makes it more challenging that way.  But I'm still working on my coding skills so give me time.  As it stands this isn't the most challenging game in the world, but hey, it takes practice.  I tested a few different speeds but I started getting headaches with anything much faster than the current throttle.  But the cool factor is still through the roof!

This was done in Adobe Flash CS5.5 written with ActionScript 3.0.  

Thanks for playing!