Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Slobberasauras

I want to take a break from the artery clogging immaturity to share something a little different today but still loosely food related.  You know how dogs tend to compulsively glom on pretty much anything and everything?  It's like their primary objective is to leave a trail of slimy residue on toys, furniture, and clothing in an effort to make people grunt, complain, and then be forced to do some cleaning.  My dog growing up, Jodie, a golden retriever whose birthday is actually today, was an expert at this phenomenon, so much so that my family experimented with creating a toy based on her slobbering tendencies.  This, my friends, is Jodie the Slobberasauras:

These are prototypes of a prospective plush toy we were playing around with.  The face of the animal is designed to resemble that of Jodie and then put on a body that's a morph between a dog and a tyrannosaurus.  Naturally, one prototype was all gold to resemble the golden retriever and the other features a green lower body to resemble the dinosaur.  

The Golden Slobber-er

The Green Slobber-er

What do you think?  Pretty cool, huh?  This is one of my least favorite words to say, but they're even a little cute.  And they also accurately resemble Jodie.  Check it out:

The manufacturer, someone from Korea, did a terrific job.  Notice the attention to detail with the area around the eyes.  

Maybe there's a market for these?  What do you think?

Thanks for reading!