Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Shirt Giveaway!


It's time for the second Greg's Gourmet Free Shirt Giveaway, your chance to win a FREE Greg's Gourmet t-shirt or a selection of other awesome egotistical prizes!

Just in time for the holidays, how can you get your hands on one of these beauties?  Simple: Eat some food.  Drink some drink.  But take some pictures beforehand.  Send them into me and at the end of the month I'll go over each one and the photo that makes me drool the most will be declared the winner and the photographer will win a FREE GREG'S GOURMET T-SHIRT (or other product of equal or lesser value).  

E-mail pictures to gregjbaldwin@gmail.com.  Include the name of the dish, the main ingredients, where you purchased it (or if you made it), and a brief review of how it tastes.  Keep in mind that plate presentation counts, so try to keep the food centered and/or create a balance in the pictures.  

Here's the winning dish from the last contest, taken by Kentaro:

Pretty presentation, calm coloring, and centered.  This looks like a good dish.

By sending in a picture you agree that I may post it for people to drool over.  You are not required to be in the photo with the food but it would be cool if you were.  Send in as many as you want between November 1 and November 30.  If you already have a Greg's Gourmet shirt, you are more than welcome to submit for a chance at winning a shirt with a different logo and/or another product from the Gourmet Gear shop.  The winner is also cordially requested to pose in a photo wearing the prize so I may pimp them out in the Gourmet Models page.  Photos of food must be taken on or after November 1.  

Kentaro sporting his prize

Send in those pictures!

Thanks for reading and happy eating!