Monday, November 14, 2011

Cross Fiyaah!

The other day a few of us set out for an expedition at Woodstock's Pizza over by State.  A couple weeks back, Josh in Japan notified me of a trivia contest they hold every Tuesday night.  So last week I made it out not just for the trivia but for, of course, the frickin' pizza.

I'll probably get ostracized for this, but I think the pizza is kind of overrated.  The cheese slips off, the crust is too thick, and in my humble opinion it could use some more seasoning.  But it's not bad.  Plus for 20 bucks you get the extra large pizza (which supposedly feeds 4-6 people), a salad, and these cinnamon bread things. I kind of already forgot what they were:

The cinnamon bread things

Here's the salad, even though I know no one comes to this site for the vegetables

So after eating it was time to compete in the trivia contest.  The format is four 10-question rounds with a fifth bonus.  Whoever has the most points at the end wins.  After going through several possible team names, such as Rick Astley is My Homeboy, Napkin Holder, and Van Halen, we settled on CROSS FIYAAH!  Not Crossfire, mind you, but CROSS FIYAAH!  For our inspiration behind CROSS-FIYAAH! check out this mid-90s commercial of the game:

Get caught up in it

I think I played this game once as a kid with Rolf Geezen.  The only real difference between the commercial and actually playing it is we didn't fly in on those star platforms, there wasn't any spontaneous fire or lightning, and Rolf didn't vanish into oblivion when I won.  We also weren't dressed like greasers from the 1950s.  I have no idea what Milton Bradley was going for there. 

Anyway, we got off to a blazin' start, correctly answering 16 of the first 20 questions through the first two rounds.  The categories were famous people with facial hair and sports nicknames - easy.  So you had stuff like "What's the nickname of the longtime Atlanta Brave Larry Jones?"  The answer is Chipper.  Or, "who's the actor who talks to chairs on Skype and kisses monkeys and acts really weird?"  The answer is Zach Galifanadfafablahblahacheeseballdafjlkafboobs.  So yeah, we were doing good for a while.  But the last two categories, "Call of Duty" and "Las Vegas" we completely bombed on and the bonus round, which was to list as many Las Vegas casinos in two minutes as we could, didn't do us much help either.

Clearly we were on the butt-end of a conspiracy.  You know why?  BECAUSE WE CAME IN LAST FRICKIN' PLACE!!!  While the guys calling the game got the reference of our team name, this is how I felt when the dude said "and in last place with 28 points is CROSS FIYAAH!":

The name of the team that won was "It's Always Sunny in San Diego".  Wow, how original.  They also got 43 points.  They were probably using their phones to cheat or something.  How else can CROSS FIYAAH! come in last place?  I guess we got too caught up in it.

But really, it was kind of surprising.  Yeah, all the scores were clumped together so in reality last place isn't really that far off from the average, but still.  We're gonna keep going back there until we win it.  GREG'S GOURMET DOES NOT FINISH LAST.  NOR DOES CROSS-FIYAAH!

Thanks for reading!