Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Gourmet and I Ate a Goat

A special shout-out to my father, Stephen Baldwin, on this great Father's Day.  I appreciate all you've done for me and love you very much.

It's always interesting to hear of the unusual foods that people tell me they've eaten; elk, deer, frog, scorpion, water bottle, etc.  Never have I heard anyone say they've eaten goat which is what made it all the more unique on Friday when I ate at Rangoli Taste of India in Valencia, CA.  I saw the goat on the menu and knew I had to try it:

Goat curry

Goat and lamb

Gulab Jammon

Goat tastes like a very rich lamb.  You don't need a lot to fill you up but it tastes pretty good.  This place also has a lunch buffet for $8.95, so you know I'm going back.

Onto the rest of the weekend!

First up is lunch with The World According to Suz at the Fuji Grill in Orange, CA:

Chicken and Tokyo Steak

Pretty good stuff.  Doesn't have the overpowering help-me-I'm-gonna-vomit aftereffect like similar fast food restaurants, so that's appreciated.  

Then, along with 3-time Emmy Award Winner World According to Rich, it was off to Baja Fresh in Valencia, CA:

Steak quesadillas with hot salsa

I think I've only been to Baja Fresh a handful of times in my life and I gotta say, this stuff is good.  It tastes fresh and tastes of quality.  The first places that come to mind when I think of Mexican food are Taco Bell and Del Taco (see Top 5 Most Overrated Fast Food Restaurants) and that would be fine if I wanted a violent stomach ache whenever I ate there.  Baja Fresh, though, I gotta say - I'm impressed.  

So the last three meals were Japanese, Indian, and Mexican.  Naturally we gotta get a mandatory American dish in there, which came from Islands in Valencia, CA:

The Pipeline; a burger covered with chili

Islands is always solid.  I kinda wish they'd go back to their In-N-Out style fries, though.  Just in case their CEO is a regular view of my blog.  

Another fine meal come from Dink's Deli & Bagel Bakery in Valencia, CA:

Three eggs, potatoes, bacon, and toast

Oh, and this:


Yoohoo is a chocolate flavored drink (not chocolate milk, just chocolate flavored) that you can find in select stores, gas stations, and in this case at Dink's.  It's refreshing, non-carbonated, and makes you look really cool when you're drinking it because people want to know what it is.  Give it a try.  


Here's some special Father's Day Gourmet:

A special sauce featuring marshmallow puff

An army of pigs in a blanket

Deviled eggs

Macaroni salad

Thanks for reading!