Monday, June 27, 2011

Dinner With Stephen Baldwin

On Sunday I had the pleasure and honor of dining with the great Stephen Baldwin at the Great Plaza Buffet in Pacific Beach, CA.  While I frequently dine with Stephen Baldwin, I decided to share this experience with the Gourmet readers since the whole family was there, it's a buffet, and we all need our fix of pictures of really unhealthy foods.

It was mostly the usual suspects for Stephen Baldwin and myself with a few specials thrown in:

Stephen Baldwin plate 1: fried chicken, noodles, rice, egg roll, and fries; American, French, and Chinese Gourmet all on one plate!

My plate 1: A variety of chicken, rice, and fries.  It's a really good combo

Stephen Baldwin plate 2: More noodles, more chicken, and New York Steak

My plate 2: New York Steak and potatoes and garlic bread

Usually I start off with the steak but opted to go chicken instead.  The result was that most of the steak was gone by the time I got to it which means it had been sitting a while...which means it wasn't very good.  Sitting out that long made it taste kind of half baked.  But why should that stop us?

Stephen Baldwin plate 3: Orange chicken, egg roll, noodles, and rice

My plate 3: Pork ribs, pizza, strawberries, and fries

Stephen Baldwin plate 4: a bio dome of ice cream and a slab of carrot cake

My plate 4: fruit and a salad

My plate 5: dessert of cake, cream puffs, and fruit

Overall it was a great dinner.  Another delicious buffet in the books!

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