Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Greg's Gourmet - The Store!

It's true - for the two people who must have an animated double cheeseburger or my animated likeness on their clothing; the Greg's Gourmet store is officially open!  Gourmet Gear! CLICK HERE!

Greg's Gourmet - The Women's T-shirt!

Greg's Gourmet - the Men's T-shirt!

A couple weeks ago I received an e-mail from a Greg's Gourmet reader:

Dear Greg,

Love the site.  Big fan of food and all of your food adventures.  Your logo is also really cool.  Any chance we're gonna see it on a shirt soon?

Greg Craig

My friends on Facebook saw Shirt#1 a couple weeks ago.  I made some modifications to the actual art file, redid the shirt designs, and ordered Shirt#2 and it looks even better than the first, so I'm officially opening the store, Gourmet Gear, for the two people who absolutely must have a shirt with my animated likeness printed on it.  There are three designs to choose from for any product; the logo with the black shirt, logo with the alternate Hawaiian blue, and the double cheeseburger.  Light-colored shirts look best, but if you'd like a shirt in a darker color where the text doesn't look as clear, special arrangements can be made. 


We're experimenting with a slew of other products, such as:

Greg's Gourmet - the mug!

Greg's Gourmet - the baseball jersey!

Want to impress your significant other?  Nothing says "I love you" (or "I can't stand you" for that matter) than:

Greg's Gourmet - the teddy bear!

FYI there's barely any money to be made from this, so it's really more for publicity, marketing, and funny stories than anything else. 

Greg's Gourmet - Truly Stylish

Thanks for reading!