Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good Idea, Just Okay Product

Today I went to this place called Taste of China, in Clairemont, CA.  I wasn't sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised with a nicely decorated restaurant, well presented food, and nice service:

Orange chicken

Hot and sour soup.  To my surprise it was hot and sour.

What are these things called anyway?  I don't know but they're good

For the sushi lovers out there

It wasn't the best orange chicken I've ever had but it was good.  Maybe a little too much syrup.  The soup was actually really good.  Perfect amount of heat to provide just enough zest.  

In other news: here's a really good candy idea but didn't meet up to its standards:

Soda Poppers

You know those cola flavored gummies that have been around for years?  This takes that a little further and gives you five flavors; cola, cherry cola, root beer, orange soda, and lemon lime.  Again - really good idea.  But in actuality this stuff is just okay.  Pretty basic flavor.  At first I thought there would be either actual carbonation or something liquid inside, but it's basically just regular gummies.

And here's a big marketing error brought to you by CVS:

At Greg's Gourmet, we fully encourage good oral hygiene habits

So...I can pay $6.79...but it's like I'm paying $4.79?  Whoa! I've always wanted to pay more but have it feel like I'm paying less?

Also for your enjoyment:

Open faced turkey sandwich...there is bread under there.

Thanks for reading!