Monday, April 4, 2011

Pizza Steak

I was up in Orange this weekend celebrating my second birthday in less than a month and, naturally, I came across some delicious gourmet.  Let's dive right into it!  First up is from Zito's Pizza:

A really good, really hot pepperoni pizza

I rarely ever sit down for pizza in a restaurant.  I think the last time I did that must have been at a Sammy's several years ago.  But this pizza was amazing -- so amazing that I didn't bother to let it cool and wound up letting it burn the skin off the upper inside part of my mouth.  It still feels weird today but was totally worth it.

And I couldn't get over the name.  I've never heard "Zito" other than the Giants pitcher Barry Zito.  If only his pitching was as good as this pizza then maybe he wouldn't suck so bad.  Though he did contribute to the World Series champs by not pitching at all, so that's something.

For breakfast the next day I went to Spiro's where they were having a special that was too good for me to pass up: $8.99 sirloin steak and eggs:

Sirloin steak, hash browns, and eggs

Now I've been to Spiro's a few times and it's a solid establishment but on this particular day something odd was afoot.  I was with my sister and we could tell right off the bat that our waitress was not having the best of days.  She brought over my main dish here, said she'd bring out the toast and my sister's bagel (as well as my water which I was dying for)...then ran out of the restaurant in tears.  As a result her whole section came to a standstill and never really recovered until her diners were gone.  The busboy came off the bench and helped out but I've never seen a restaurant just stall like that.

Not that I'm complaining -- we all have those days and who knows what was going on in her life.  Plus I've been there a bunch of times so I knew this was an aberration.  

I finished the plate but didn't get my toast until the end (as well as the bagel).  What really sucked though was she never got me my water and I didn't get that until all that salt was in my stomach.  I was sucking the juice out of that orange slice there to compensate for my lack of beverage ahaha.

And oh yeah, some candy, of course:
Pretty much the perfect candy

Broken computers make me sad, but good food makes me happy.