Monday, April 18, 2011

Jewish Gourmet

Happy Passover to my Jewish friends.  On this great day I got to experience some great Jewish gourmet with my family.  Of course, in my infinite wisdom, I forgot to take pictures of it, so this blog gets the great honor of seeing pictures of...LEFT OVERS!!!!

Except this:

A delicious chocolate cake, no flour included

Okay - now the leftovers:

The main course - a 14 pound turkey.  I ate both drumsticks

A bottle of Mogen David wine

Manischewitz is generally the drink of choice, but this stuff you got more for less and it tasted about the same, which is really, really sweet. 


And, of course, the Matzo.  Part of observing the holiday is to restrict your bread/yeast intake (I usually make it a few days into the 8 day span).  Last year I made a few sandwiches out of it with chicken, mustard, and hot sauce.  It was a very suitable replacement I must say.  

And just for fun, last night I went to a place in Pacific Beach called Lotsa Pasta:

A 12 inch pepperoni pizza

It's weird -- I walk by this place all the time but never really "noticed" it.  The food was great, the service was great, and in general it's a really good establishment...which is why it was so odd that there was a very large cockroach on the floor of the men's room.  I've never seen a roach that large.  It was like something you see in a movie.  It especially sucks cause you're standing there at the urinal and there's this roach crawling around your feet.  Plus I was wearing sandals! 

But other than that it's a great place and it was a great Passover dinner.  L'chaim.