Monday, March 28, 2011

Impressive NCAA Soda Tower

I walked into an Albertson's today to be greeted by this truly impressive piece of carbonated architecture:
SDSU, NCAA, 2011

Those are dozen-canned boxes of soda you see there - Coke, Sprite, and Diet Coke.  Seriously - I'm impressed.  That's a sign of a store that takes a little pride in their business...or a store that doesn't generate a lot of business and in turn has a lot of time on their hands ha-ha.  Either way, I thought that was very cool.  

And check this out...

Three bucks for...a bag of 11 gummy worms?...

Three bucks for...a bag of 11 gummy bears?

What, are these things sprinkled with flakes of solid gold or something?? Who in their right mind would spend THREE DOLLARS for 11 GUMMY WORMS???  As a candy junkie, I'm appalled at this. For three bucks you can get three bags of those store brand worms/bears and they probably taste exactly the same.  "It's Delish"?  More like it's too overpriced and you're not making any money you foolios.