Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gourmet Martini Tester

Found this cool novelty item buried in my grandfather's dresser in the family storage locker.  My Grandpa Sid loved toys and quirky goofy gadgets, so we thought this was a joke but couldn't figure out exactly what the joke was.  I mean just look at it:

It actually does say Gourmet...maybe I can go into a partnership with these people

An eye dropper with three balls inside
Eye dropper with case and cap

After doing some research online, it was discovered that this is an actual item.  It's still a novelty, but what you do is put it in a martini, take a squirt, and the balls will rise or sink depending on the dryness of it.  I thought this was a game or a joke or something.  What's more interesting is that when looking this up online I found that everyone is saying this item is vintage, as in, it's from the 50s (that or it's a replica of another item from the 50s).  Other pictures of it online also have the squirter with a red ball on top (it's supposed to look like an olive) but this one's is gone. 

I gotta get a martini and try this.