Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving in HD!

Also known as...


This is THE day of the year where it's acceptable to eat like a pig and we here at Greg's Gourmet believe in taking full advantage of this opportunity.

Leading off we have a low fat veggie roast topped with a cauliflower puree:

Just kidding.  It's a 15 pound turkey, of course!

Let me tell ya - this turkey was delicious.  I say was because the only thing that's left are the wings - we don't mess around with food in my family.  The leftovers lasted all of a day which must be some kind of new record.

The setup.  We got about three dozen dinner rolls just to be on the safe side

*Mouth orgasm*

Believe it or not, this was the only plate I had last night but don't be deceived; there's a lot of food on that plate.  The turkey leg still had meat that had been attached to the abdomen, and the stuffing/potatoes take up half the plate.  This was a very filling and overall really orgasmic meal.

The All American Dessert - Thanksgiving Edition!

You may remember the above as the red, white, and blue All American Dessert that I make every July 4th.  This version features seasonal orange and black cherry Jello, Angel food cake, whipped cream, bananas, blackberries, kiwis, and maraschino cherries.  Having this follow the above plate is like a double mouth orgasm.  Simply out of control.

Now as I said, 24 hours later most of the leftovers were gone and one of the main culprits?   CHRISTMAS SANDWICHES!!!

Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy stuffed into a dinner roll

If I had a sandwich shop these would be the hottest selling seasonal item

My leftover plate from this evening.  Look at the size of that frickin' leg!

Given that the leftovers were gone faster than Mitt Romney's political relevance, this was obviously a wildly successful Thanksgiving.  Can't wait to do it again for Christmas!