Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More Tricky Photography

UPDATE!  Blue Bunny responded to my inquiry.  Apparently the lack of pecans could be due to a switch in manufacturing cycles or something that could reduce the amount of nuts per tub of ice cream.  I appreciate their response and coupons - but if this is a known issue then why does it keep happening?

Here's a picture of a carton of Blue Bunny ice cream, a company that brands itself as "Premium Ice Cream."  I had never heard of it before but think it's cool that their ice cream doesn't cost a hundred thousand dollars like ever other brand these days.  The no sugar added probably contributes to that.  Anyway, take note of the supply of the pecans in the picture; there are more pecans there than there are conspiracy theories about the presidential election results:

"Wow!  Look at all the pecans!  I can't wait to open this up and-"

"...I didn't know Butter Pecan was another name for French Vanilla..."

Blue Bunny, seriously?  We're maybe a fourth of the way into this container and I can only see the asscrack of one lonesome pecan there off to the side.  I realize food rarely looks like its packaging but...jeez.  I mean, come on, guys.  This isn't even close. 

So to counter that he's another HD picture of the beautiful $5 Meal Deal from Albertsons that I would eat every day if it wouldn't turn me into Jared from Subway:

"100% of the time this is a great meal all the time"

Take note of the wings: 7 OF THEM!  Plus the massive amount of wedges and mac n cheese for only 5 bucks!  AND IT'S IN HD!  That, my friends, is the taste of AWESOME!