Monday, September 24, 2012

Pig Burger

A burger made of sausage.  My friends - this does exist.  From the Prado at Balboa Park, I give you...the PIG BURGER!

A plate of pure artistic integrity

First off - the unique thing about this burger is that it's not only made of sausage, but it's also got a couple strips of bacon on it.  So it's like a DOUBLE Pig Burger.  Not even Porkins could have anticipated the awesomeness that is this combination of pork and pork. 

This is a really nice restaurant located at the heart of Balboa Park.  My family and I checked it out for lunch after exploring the Titanic exhibit and the Natural History Museum.  Nice menu - fancy tacos and burritos, beef burgers, seven dollar giant glass bottles of water from Norway - you know, the usual.  But seriously, this plate had a lot of flavors on it.  The burger itself is good but I think the sausage almost becomes overpowering as you get really into it.  It doesn't look massive in this picture, but the burger is actually a decent size and the meat itself is heavy.  The fries and beans are good - nice to have both as side item options.  For appetizers they have these baked cheese chips that are really tasty.  Overall a nice joint.

The Titanic exhibit was really cool.  Lots of nifty artifacts that had been at the bottom of the Atlantic for 80-something years.  I think the most interesting was a bottle of champagne that still actually had champagne in it.  That's a Greg's Gourmet challenge I'd love to partake in but alas, they told me to piss me off when I proposed it.  

The Prado at Balboa Park - check it out.  San Diego Natural History Museum - check it out.  Titanic exhibit - check it out.