Monday, September 10, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Recap Episode 20 SEASON FINALE!


Rightful victor

Christina won.  I am happy.  At least the worst season in Hell's Kitchen history ended on a positive note.  Thanks to everyone who's followed my recaps this season.  Stick around for some regularly delicious pictures of food and more immature humor and fart jokes.  Now here's how it happened:

Well, HERE WE GO!!!

Opening thought: Christina should win.  If Justin wins then he'll go down as the worst winner in HK history, even worse than season 5's Danny (Paula should have won).  Christina is one of the few chefs this season who has a good balance of skill, leadership, and personality.  As I've bitched about, many of the chefs lacked in personality, one of which is Justin which is what makes this such a dull finale.  

So as a recap, here are the teams for tonight's dinner service:

Team Christina: Dana, Patrick, Kimmie, Robyn
Team Justin: Barbie, Brian, Royce, Clemenza

The teams are pretty balanced, but I think Clemenza may be a deciding factor more than Robyn.  The reason being is that I think Robyn will leave her baggage on the chopping block and will show up to help Christina win - kinda like Elise last season who was a solid proponent in helping Paul to victory. 

Justin, attempted leadership: "I've never been surprised more by one person than by Clemenza."  The only thing that Clemenza has surprised me with was how he somehow survived six eliminations.

Clemenza, sore loser: "You need me, shit, come get me."  Actually, Clemenza, Justin may have a fighting chance without all of the burnt risottos and coagulated steaks that you're guaranteed to produce. 

Christina, leadership mastermind: "I wanna have fun with this...Let's have fun tonight...Don't call me chef tonight."  That's the kind of person you want to work for. 

Clemenza, literally breaking down:  He set Crostini on fire before dinner service even started.  Most impressive. As Justin said "you're literally breaking down."  Just in case, you know, that anyone thought he was figuratively or illogically breaking down. 

Brian, tooth impalement: "I'm going to fight for him tooth for nail so...he's good." 

Despite all the trashing I've done of Brian this season, he's someone I'd want on my team

Justin, not a joker: "He needs to realize this is my career, this is my life.  This isn't a f@(#!)# joke."  Your face is a joke, Justin. 

Rolls Royce: "Yo, Justin - you gotta relax."  But Royce, this is the most vibrant we've seen Justin all season!  It's actually moderately interesting!  But not really. 

Gordon Ramsay, conspiracy theorist: "It's almost like you want to sabotage him!"  Clemenza isn't sabotaging anyone, Gordon, he just sucks.  

Dana, still yelling: "NO, NO, THEY'RE ALRIGHT!  THEY'RE FINE!"  So, Christina tells her that the halibut isn't brown enough.  Dana allegedly serves the halibut that she was told to scrap then is defiant when Christina tells her to fire up new ones.  So that's why Dana isn't in the finals and Christina is.  

Team Justin, kinda sucks:  Seriously, no food is going out, crap is getting overcooked, and now Barbie's running out of steak.  Ironically it's each team's first pick (Dana, Barbie) that are cracking under the pressure late in the service.  

Gordon Ramsay, practical joker: "I'm doing away with the two doors.  I already have a winner.  The winner of Hell's Kitchen is...Tavon."  Okay, that was pretty funny.  

Christina's girlfriend: Christina's girlfriend is really hot.  That's a statement that'll never get old. 

And the winner is...


Well, the better chef won.  The better leader won.  The right person won.  This is the best way this otherwise terrible season could have ended.  Christina I think goes down as one of the best chefs to walk through Hell's Kitchen, which I'll analyze in a full season recap. 

Christina, a winner's words: "I'm incredibly proud of myself and feel like I've left my mark here.  I'm excited to go to Vegas and push the bar higher and higher until I touch the stars."

Justin, gracious runner-up: "I don't wanna lose to anybody, but obviously Christina is a great competitor.  She's focused and a great chef.  To be honest with you if I lost to anybody else besides Christina I probably would have walked outta here." 

No one wants to walk through the door with Ramsay

Ramsay's reasoning: "Christina' passion and talent are undeniable.  She's a strong leader who's totally at home in the kitchen.  I know I'm not rolling the dice with her in Vegas because she is the real deal."

The better chef won.  Hooray!   A full season recap coming soon. 

Thanks for reading!