Monday, May 28, 2012

Why Photographers Should Make More Than the CEO

That looks pretty tasty.

That does not.  This was actually the best picture I took.  And look at how small this thing is, this supposed "Doublicious":

Dude, look at that!  I don't even have really big hands to begin with.  It's like I'm holding one of those tiny gummy fruit snack burger thingies.  What's even worse?  There was no way I could make the whole meal look good.  Just look at this disaster.  I didn't even center it because I'm a rebel:

Dude, really???  This looks like a deflated basketball that had been bounced in dog crap.  Compare it to this:

Whaaaaaaa???  If the blasphemous figure above is accurate then my sandwich should have been twice as large as the drink and/or wedges.  Seriously guys?  Come on.  I couldn't even TRY to make the above look appetizing.  That's how hopeless it was.  Did it taste good?  It was alright.  The wedges were actually really good.  But this is why the photographers should be paid more than the CEO.  I mean, they can make ANYTHING look delicious. Here, check out these pictures for more awesome grossness. 

In my recent exploration of KFC I've really felt underwhelmed.  It tastes alright but it leaves a lot to be desired.  Part of the problem may be that in my recent exploration I haven't tried any of the original recipe which is what they're known for.  But they don't aggressively market it enough when you're in the store.  When you walk in you see chicken sandwiches, chicken bowls, chicken strips, chicken sandwiches made out of chicken buns, but not enough of the original recipe.  It's like the McDonald's Big Mac; seems like it may be getting lost in the wake of all these other novelty menu items.  Yes, sandwiches that utilize fried chicken as buns are novelties.

But then you get stuff like this which is effortlessly photogenic:

The thing is, this time around the meal actually didn't taste as good as usually does.  But it still looks really good.

If only I can find a photographer to make me look that good ahahaha.