Thursday, May 3, 2012

Johnny Rockets What?

Went to Johnny Rockets in Valencia the other night.  The last time I went there I immediately went for the fries, which are notoriously hot when they arrive at the table.  Anyway, bit into this fry and it burned the inside of my mouth, so much so that I was spitting up blood with my toothpaste for a week.  Good times.

Anyway, I was pretty hungry on this night so decided to go with what's traditionally the largest item on the menu: the double cheeseburger (or as they call it, the Double Rocket):

Larger than the second degree burn I have on the back of my neck

Restaurants that offer endless fries don't give you that many to begin with

Feel happy that you're loading your stomach with consolidated donkey fat

So I wish I could say this burger was delicious, but it really wasn't.  It was cooked properly because I didn't get sick afterward, but the taste was very...not good.  I think it lacked seasoning and the bun tasted kind of funky.  Boo hoo.

But there was silver lining here.  The next night featured a big meal of chicken and beef at Kabuki:

Did they put the tomatoes and cucumbers next to the entree just to screw with me?

This was really good.  The steak actually could have used some more seasoning but it was cooked perfectly (you can see the pink hue inside).  What is it with unseasoned meat lately?  Is it really that hard to properly season something?  Is it because of all these health regulations that restaurants are now afraid to use salt?  Come on, guys.  Blah, whatever.

Thanks for reading!