Saturday, May 14, 2011

There is Such a Thing as Too Much Good Stuff

I had something gross today.  But I want to start this post off on a positive note, so check this out:

I had dinner tonight at Kabuki in Santa Clarita, CA:

Chicken Teriyaki


I love having chicken teriyaki in the restaurant.  It just tastes so refreshing, especially after the quadruple bypass I had for lunch.

Now then...onto the not so great thing. 

The cool new thing to do for fast food restaurants is to have these novelty burgers which consist of layers of beef, bacon, and cheese.  Whenever I'd see these commercials I would get excited.  But since these burgers have gained widespread popularity, I've never actually had one...until today.  Before my drive up to LA I stopped at a Wendy's.  I've only been to Wendy's a few times so I don't know their menu but I saw that they had this thing called a Baconator.  I remember the commercials from a year or two back when it was introduced so feeling bold I decided to get one and I gotta say...gross.

The Baconator

There is such a thing as too much good stuff.  I finished the burger but...these things really aren't that good.  Beef, bacon, cheese, and mayo --- too much junk.  If you go to the Top 5 Most Overrated Restaurants, I make a point of listing Steak Escape's disgusting ranch fries, which are French fries, ranch, bacon, and nacho cheese.  They're horrible.  This is slightly more edible, but I think even I have my limits of artery clogging.  Note: these are different than bacon cheeseburgers since those have lettuce, tomato, and no mayo.  And frequently don't have as much bacon or cheese.  They just have more flavor. These bacon things are just gross.  

Also for your enjoyment: Pizza from Costco:

That's a big slice of pizza

The pepperoni and the vegetarian 

The cheese

Thanks for reading!