Sunday, May 15, 2011

Food Festival Gourmet

Today was the Valencia Gourmet Food Truck Festival and Classic Car Show where 50 food trucks from around the area gathered for one massive feast of food and sexy cars.  Naturally, Greg's Gourmet was on the spot to test some of these locations.

First up is from the Auntie's Fry Bread Native American Fusion:

Chili sliders

Fry bread with cinnamon sugar

The truck

This was easily the best of the day.  The food was perfectly cooked, tasted of awesomely fresh ingredients and were bursting with flavor.  

Up next is Crepes Bonaparte, a French truck:

HazelBerryAna Crepe - Strawberries, Banana, and Nutella

The truck

I've never been a big fan of crepes.  They're okay and you can do a lot with them but they're just not as exciting as they could be.  This particular one was good but, again, it wasn't like sliced bread.  But the strawberries inside were incredible.

After that there's the Fresh Fries truck where they sold oven-baked chicken...

...just kidding.  They sell fries:

Curly fries

Normally curly fries are a seasonal or specialty item, but these were a regular on the menu which is why it was such a bummer when they turned out to be very mediocre and lacking in flavor.  There was really nothing special about them at all.  A disappointment.

The truck, which I found later in the day goes about 18 MPH on the freeway

After a failed attempt to get a hot dog from some other truck, another was found called Cali Cuisine Catering Truck

Cali dog and fries

The hot dog was good if not unspectacular, but it took nearly 15 minutes to get...since I guess hot dogs are unusually complex dishes to make.

The truck

The last truck that was visited was the No Tomatoes! truck: 

I'm not sure this would be my typical snack food, but it was pretty good and had the perfect amount/taste of spices.  One thing I'm curious about and maybe my readers in India can fill me in; what's the deal with no tomatoes?  What's the purpose?


The World According to Rich provided the following vlog of the Food Festival Gourmet:

City advertisement

And lastly, this came from Starbucks:

Red Velvet Cake

Overall I had a lot of fun.  I mean, with all this food everywhere how can it not be fun?  

Thanks for reading!