Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Birthday Buffet

I frequently rave about this buffet I enjoy going to and today I actually have photographic evidence of my birthday dinner there.  I really love buffets.  You can eat as much junk food as you like for an affordable price - a winner in my book.  Here's a couple pictures from the Great Plaza Buffet in Pacific Beach, CA as well as the dessert items afterward:

I always start it off with steak and potatoes.  A gimme there.

Then I get into the Chinese dishes with an assortment of chickens and beefs

I call this the "transition" plate, where I finish the meats and switch to the fruits/borderline dessert stuff.

Usually I average 4.5 plates, but I only did 3 last night.  My record is 6.  Here's dessert, brought down from A Perfect Circle in Orange, CA:

The top of this cupcake came clean off.  Reminded me of that Seinfeld episode.

Caramel apples, one with Snickers and the other with nuts.  Delicious.

Today I also went to the great prime rib buffet as featured in the last post and downed 3 huge steaks; one medium, one medium rare, and one well done.  Incredible.  Unfortunately, photography is still prohibited so instead I'll just show this random picture of a prime rib I found online:

The medium rare steak looked very similar to this

Overall I had a great day and it was an especially great day for food and steak.  Thanks for reading!