Saturday, March 19, 2011

When the "Full" Light Doesn't Go On

What really sucks is when the little light that's supposed to go on indicating you're full and have eaten enough doesn't actually go on.  This happened on my last trip up to Orange/LA and, naturally, I am here to provide the pictures.  First up is the half pound bacon cheeseburger from Watsons in Orange, CA:

The curly fries are a regular item on the menu.  Rare.  And Excellent. 

The food was really good.  Burger was wholesome and the curly fries were great.  What I really liked about Watson's is that it's a retro department store/diner combo that were around back in the 50s and whatnot.  

So the burger was huge and filled me up, needless to say.  Later that night I had this beauty:

Steak and chicken

At my aunt and uncle's in Valencia, CA, we had this amazing dish of steak and chicken.  While I didn't stuff myself, I simply continued to eat and eat and eat and eat and eat.  The meat, the potatoes, the vegetables, and the cookies afterward. And the three bottles of water since all the salt was mummifying my throat.  It wasn't until practically all the food was gone when I realized...I don't feel good.  I had eaten so much throughout the day that the little light that's supposed to tell me I'm full didn't work and I just kept going.

Thankfully I was okay, but there was a 45 minute period there where I felt like I was about to explode and nearly did about seventeen times.

Naturally that didn't stop me and the following morning I partook in another good meal at Dink's:

Bacon and eggs, potatoes and toast

Pretty basic breakfast and pretty good overall.  

But when that "full" light is careful.