Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Los Angeles Rams of St. Louis of Anaheim of Southern California of Los Angeles County of Rick Astley of Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

In honor of this past Super Bowl, I wanted to share a collection of glasses that were recently unearthed from a family storage locker in Los Angeles, CA:

The Rams left the LA area for St. Louis following the 1994 and subsequently appeared in a couple Super Bowls, winning it all in 1999.  These glasses probably haven't seen the light of day in just as long, but let me tell you --- these are some fine drinking devices.  Stylish, deceivingly small (each glass is roughly the equivalent of one can of soda), and they make for good conversation material.

And just a random thought here: Farmer's Insurance recently forked over $700 million for the naming rights to a new stadium in downtown LA in an effort to bring the NFL back to the City of Angels.  I find it kind of funny that the health insurance industry claims to be "forced" to raise our premiums due to "rising costs," yet manage to mysteriously find a few hundred million dollars laying around to name a football stadium.  Just sayin'.