Friday, April 8, 2016

The Return of Hostess Chocodiles!

When Hostess initially went out of business in 2012, I saw the end of one of my favorite sweet snacks that I'd pick up on every supermarket trip: the Chocodile. Chocodiles are chocolate covered Twinkies and they're pretty much the greatest mass-produced sweet treat in the world and possibly the universe.

Hostess returned shortly thereafter when they were bought over by a Mexican conglomerate, but Chocodiles seemed absent from that revived lineup. Years went by and I never so much as laid eyes upon a single Chocodile...until recently at my local Ralphs when I found THIS box on the clearance rack:


My first thought was they had these sitting in back from the original Hostess crash four years ago, but that wouldn't make much sense. Plus, the "best by" date wouldn't be 2016. And no, Twinkies do not have apocalyptic expiration dates. In fact, their best by dates are typically only a month or so after their original shelf placement. Don't believe everything you hear; it's all lies. Especially on this blog hahaha.


Huh...Chocodiles kinda look like Nutella-coated turds...

...but I promise they're not. 

Glad to see these back.