Friday, February 12, 2016

Greg's Gourmet: The Rating System!

The other night I was at Karl Strauss for a little company get-together. Most were there for the happy hour while enjoying some childish appetizers but naturally a few of us gravitated to the menu for some real man food. I'm a trendsetter, what can I say?

Richie and I ordered a pair of Mesquite Chicken Sandwiches but that wasn't the evening's highlight from a gourmet perspective. No, instead it was the revolutionary idea of a GREG'S GOURMET RATING SYSTEM! After 5+ years of food blogging I've never implemented any kind of official rating system to grade my meals and I just kinda sat there like...

So consider this the inaugurative post of...


The Garganto - the official rating of Greg's Gourmet (until I decide to change it)

It took me all of four seconds to decide on the burger logo as the official rating system, but I soon realized that even after all these years, the burger didn't even have a name. Right now, at least in the interim, I'm calling it The Garganto, a play on gargantuan which, if you type into Google, will turn up a definition with an example of "a gargantuan appetite." Seems appropriate.  

The rating system will be applied to all featured meals and food and will go something like this:

4 Gargantos = Orgasmic
3 Gargantos = Good, I'd eat again
2 Gargantos = Eh, you can do better, dude
1 Garganto = This food sucks

Half Gargantos will be awarded where appropriate. To kick things off, here's a pic of the Mesquite Chicken Sandwich from Karl Strauss:

On this rare occasion I was one of "those" guys who ordered the sandwich with no cheese and requested fries instead of chips. I have no shame. Anyway, this was quite tasty. A very generous sized sandwich with perfectly seasoned bacon plus the additional smoke flavor of the chicken made this a really fun thing to eat. What I didn't like, however, were the two GARGANTUAN (lolz, see what I did there?) pieces of avocado that were served on the sandwich. Seriously, it was like eating a sandwich with a damn catamaran on it and I don't think this picture does justice for just how big these things were. Take it easy on the avocado, guys. 

Overall? I enjoyed it and would get it again.


I think I'll be making some future posts with ratings for past meals that I've eaten, just for fun. I like the idea of an official rating system and I honestly feel like a schmuck for not thinking of it sooner. Thanks, Richie.

Also, Blogger sucks. That's all.

Thanks for reading!