Saturday, February 20, 2016

4 Egg Omelet - Broken Yolk Cafe

It felt like a breakfast-for-lunch kinda day in Pacific Beach, and after a morning of lugging heavy boxes around, I was pretty hungry for something big, wholesome, and probably constipation-inducing. Enter the Broken Yolk Cafe's 4 Egg Omelet:

So this is called The Californian, which is eggs, American cheese, bacon, and potatoes. Yes, I ordered hash browns as one of the sides despite there already being potatoes underneath that fluffy pillow of an egg pile. 

First off, the zigzagging sour cream here is really weird. It looks like cake frosting which is probably the last thing you want on your Mt. Rushmore of mixed cheese and eggs. Second, I originally ordered home fries but then switched to hash browns, which is something I regret for two reasons; A) I should have ordered fruit because there were already home fries in the omelet, and B) Frequently I find that restaurants tend to overcook the hash browns which creates an overly crunchy shell. That's what happened here. The toast, which I only ate one slice of, is just overkill for this meal. It's simply not necessary. If I had ordered the fruit instead then maybe. Otherwise it's just too many empty carbs.

The good news is that this is indeed a very wholesome meal. The omelet was exactly what I needed and it was pretty tasty. Despite the fact that I've cut dairy from my diet and am also avoiding anything that has sodium nitrites and nitrates (i.e. bacon), I'm in a cheating mood this weekend. 

The Broken Yolk is always a solid meal whether you're there for breakfast or lunch. I've been there several times over the years and have never been disappointed, though I've never considered it to be *THE* best breakfast in San Diego. It's kinda like the Portland Trail Blazers; always finding ways to win and get into the playoffs but never good enough to win it all. That's the Broken Yolk. 

This particular omelet isn't the best thing I've ever had on the Broken Yolk's menu but it was good and if I happen to be super hungry the next time I'm there, I'd probably order it again, or something similar.