Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hell's Kitchen, Season 11, Episode 18 Recap


Yeah, that's about right

A couple notes from tonight's episode since this show is too poor to write about anymore:

*Nona got kind of hot.
*Rock is still a total badass
*Ja'nel really is a bitch.  She doesn't have the mouth of past contestants but she really is a pain in the ass.
*Paul still yells too much.
*Mary is about as creepy as you'd expect when she's butchering animals.
*Upon further review, I think Nona has also become a bit of a crackhead.

What?!  You mean people are still watching my show???

*No one went home.  We're now 18 episodes in with 5 chefs left.  Basically Gordon Ramsay is trying to make reality TV the new sitcom, where each series is now gonna have 20-something episodes per season.  Consider that there's at least four more eliminations and one TBC, we'll finish up at 23 episodes AT LEAST.  I'd say 24 or 25 is more of a safe bet.  For a frickin' reality show.  Horrible. 


Susan or Cyndi are going next week, most likely Susan, unless of course we get that TBC.