Friday, June 14, 2013

Hell's Kitchen, Season 11, Episode 16 Recap

Season 11, Episode 16 Recap

Is it a pick or a scratch?

Brief rundown of tonight's episode. 

Knife and fire juggling: Possibly a metaphor of how Gordon Ramsay's TV career is "under the knife" so to speak.

Three Entree Relay Challenge: Classic challenge where each chef cooks for 5 minutes at a time and relays information to the next chef, who in turn cooks for 5 minutes and so on and so forth.  These challenges usually end in disaster for at least one team. 

Gordon, good advice: "Let's go, Zach!  Think, think, think!"  That seems like a challenge within itself for Zachy Wacky.

Mary the Butcher, crybaby: Cries after a loss.  Better keep her on the show otherwise you'll see the whole damn LA River overflow. 

Ja'nel, is she really this bitchy?: "You know, I don't know how I get on the winning team. YES I DO!  ALL I DO IS WIN!"  While she said this with a great amount of sarcasm, I think a lot of her was actually serious.  All season long she's had this arrogance about her.  Some would say it's confidence but, really, it's just annoying. 

Susan: I wanna hear you, Mary.
Mary: I wanna hear yoooooou!"
Dude, who the hell would wanna hear Mary?  Is Susan a fan of nails scraping against a chalkboard or something?

This is the face you make whenever you hear Mary talk

Gordon, unfamiliar with Hollywood standards: "Ladies we're fully booked.  Over 500 guests were turned away for this evening.  Over 500!"  Dude, you're fully booked every night, and I'm pretty sure you regularly turn away more than 500 people wanting to be on camera in that dining room.

Ja'nel, starting to sound like an overachiever: "I'm a work horse.  I work smart, I work hard, I can lead this team to victory tonight."  You also scored high on your SATs, you got into Harvard, you're the first female president of the United States...

Zachy Wacky, AVON spokesman: "I smell great, like exotic fragrances." 

Gordon: Mary?!
Mary: Yes, chef?
Gordon: What the f*@* is going on?
Mary: I don't know, chef!
An honest statement if I've ever heard one.

Mary the Butcher, wtf?: "I have never been to the pantry with chef.  It's never a good thing when he takes you back there."  ...okay then.

"Guys, I think my botox surgery is coming undone."

Susan: "That's right!  We have standards!  Let's go, ladies!"  Ha!  Yeah.  "Standards". 

Four black jackets: For whatever reason, Gordon is only giving out four black jackets this season.  And once again we're left to wonder why he continues to ruin what was once a terrific show.

So Zachy-Wacky goes home.  Early on I had him in the finals with Ja'nel, so his collapse comes kind of as a surprise considering how solid he was in the beginning.  Blah, blah, blah.