Monday, December 19, 2011

Greg's Gourmet - The ".com" Website!

Ever since Greg's Gourmet began to take on a personality of its own, I've been interested in exploring the prospect of converting it to a .com. website.  I've been learning HTML, CSS, and Dreamweaver the past few months and have put together my first attempt at a site that I coded myself.  Check it out at:

For a total newb at coding I think it's a noteworthy effort.  I took similar pages from here and recoded them for the site.  You'll also find some familiar pictures and videos.  Now that I know that I can successfully code, I'm thinking of buying a domain so I can drop the "blogspot" and just make it "". is already taken so it would need to be something more unique.  I don't really want a .org or .net since .com is the most easy to remember.  And just FYI, the above website was from a free provider which is why it has the funky domain.  What do you think?

Oh, and check out this amazing meal from Albertsons:

Good for you, good for you

Look at this thing!  5 bucks!  BBQ wings, potato wedges, and mac n cheese.  I was only able to eat half of it because it was so dense with starch and other artificial crap.  I'll finish it later of course, but WOW!  Holy crap is an understatement.

And heck, here's some more gourmet for you from the Great Plaza Buffet, told in typical 5-act story format:

Leading off we have steak, potatoes, and garlic bread

Plate 2: three types of chicken, more steak, more potatoes, and white rice

Transition plate: salad, pizza, and honey chicken

Plate 4: fruit and Jello

Plate 5: pudding, cream puffs, Jello, and some sort of mocha chocolate tart

Thanks for reading!