Thursday, October 6, 2011

Taquitos of Doom

Here's a Gourmet Classics feature from 2007.  You'll wanna check this out!

All I wanted were some taquitos.  Very simple dish, really.  Just roll some beef up in a tortilla and cook it and you're done.  How anyone could royally screw this up as much as the UT Grill at SDSU did is beyond me.  Just.  Look.  At.  This:

Yes, contrary to all logic and common sense, those are taquitos

That's a still taken from the video.  For the full effect of a meal that looks like moose regurgitation, check out this 40 second video clip.  Trust me, you wanna see this:

What in the world?!?!?! I would be honored to meet the person that assembled this meal and ask them either A) What hallucinogenic drugs are you taking to make this look like an acceptable meal?  or B) Did you have to go the bathroom and just couldn't hold it?

What happened here?!?!?!  Imagine if a dish like that was cooked in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen and the absolute fit he would throw if he saw it.  Probably something like this: (contains uncensored language)

For the record, I did make a feeble attempt to try and dig at least one of the taquitos out but quickly gave up and tossed them.  I also heard last week that the UT Grill is now out of business.  With poster dishes such as these taquitos, I'm really not surprised.

Thanks for reading!