Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 2, More Delicious Stuff

I'm back in San Diego now after a few fun days up north which included,  naturally, tons of good food.  Let's get right to it!

Our first picture is from the Habit Burger Grill of Santa Clarita, CA.
While the fries were similar to cuts you may get from microwavable frozen bags, the burger was similar in taste and texture to those of In-N-Out.

Up next is from Dink's Cafe, also in Santa Clarita, CA.
What we have here is a rare three-egg Eggs Benedict over an unusually large slab of ham with potatoes and fruit.  While I think Dink's is a nice little chain in the valley, this particular outlet does not carry any Yoohoo, whereas the other Dink's (located, like, a mile away) does.

Lastly, it was a homemade dinner from right here in San Diego, CA.
A serving of orange chicken with rice and vegetables along with a couple pork pot stickers.

So that was the weekend.  Good meals in the bag and a new blog to entertain myself with.  Thanks for reading!