Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July All American Dessert

As has become a tradition since the Clinton Administration, July 4th was met with the dessert of all desserts, a cyclone of sugary sweetness, the ALL AMERICAN DESSERT!

The dessert of true patriots

If you've followed this blog long enough then you already know the deal; we've got layers of cherry and berry blue Jello stacked between pound cake, whipped cream, and mixed in with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and Maraschino cherries.  On a hot summer day it's the perfect refreshment following a massive dinner.  

In other news, Joey Chestnut won his 7th straight Hot Dog Eating Competition, setting a new record by downing a 69 dogs.  As Joey put it, 69 is a lucky number.  The next closest competitor was about 20 dogs behind.  I dunno, man.  Other than those 3-4 years that Chestnut and Kobayashi went at it, the contest has really just been a bunch of landslides the last 15 years.  I remember when Chestnut first came to relevance and challenged Kobayashi; it looked like he was about to puke in the last two minutes.  Now he's an unstoppable machine.  I also think it's messed up that Kobayashi isn't allowed to compete anymore because Major League Eating (yes, that is a real league) wanted him to a sign an exclusive contract which would prevent him from entering competitions outside of their League.  Things got so nasty that his likeness is removed from the, I don't know what you wanna call it, the Nathan's Hall of Fame board thingie they've got there at Coney Island.  

In honor of Joey's 7th straight win I tried to down as many hot dogs as possible.  

I got to 5 and had to stop.