Monday, January 21, 2013

Combination: The Best Word on the Menu

I'm notorious for being bad at ordering.  I'm usually the last one to give my order and even by then I haven't decided what to get.  Do I get breakfast or a burger?  Steak or lamb?  Fish filet or filet-o-fish?  It's tough, man.  But thankfully there's one restaurant that diffuses this issue and basically does the ordering for you.  The restaurant is called Kabuki, a small chain primarily located in the Greater Los Angeles area with a couple restaurants in Arizona and Nevada.

Given the choice of Teriyaki chicken or Teriyaki beef I'm honestly not sure which one I would order.  Kabuki, however, makes ordering easy because you don't have to order one or the other; instead you can order both!

I want the Best of Both Worlds 

I love this.  Chicken and beef on the same plate, cooked perfectly and tasting delicious.  It's like two opposite sides of the kitchen have come together in a blend of salt and unity to form the perfect dinner dish.

So.  Frickin'.  Good.

Kinda wish steakhouses would get their act together and start serving prime rib alongside filet mignon.