Monday, September 30, 2013

Welcome Back, Michael J. Fox

So I caught Michael J. Fox's new sitcom, The Michael J. Fox Show, the other night.  Honestly, I didn't even know he was making a return until the second I saw him on TV.  I was like, wait, that's Michael J. Fox!  Admittedly I haven't seen a lot of Marty McFly since he retired from acting, so naturally the first thing that drew my attention was his involuntary muscle spasms due to his Parkinson's.

But what's so cool is that Fox used his handicap as a strength for this new show, about a retired news anchor with Parkinson's who decides to give it another run.  And both of the first two episodes ended with him poking fun at his disease and making light of it.

And just because everyone's interested, Back to the Future II's future projection is kind of hit and miss.  The wrinkles are there, more-so if you watch the show, but the hair they were totally off on:
"Well, what are you lookin' at, butthead?"

Honestly, I don't see this show lasting very long.  It had a few ha-ha jokes, but there were too many characters that were too much alike which made chunks of the show feel like filler material.  I mean, when you watch a TV show it's either got it or it doesn't.  This one will hook you in initially because it's Michael J. Fox's big comeback, but once you watch the show it's like...hmmm. 

And let's not fool ourselves.  The main character's name is Mike Henry, but we all know this is pretty much a fictionalized autobiography.  The big positive is that, again, the show spotlights Fox's handicap as a strength and I think we're probably going to start seeing more of this; actors that have handicaps will play characters with the same issues.   

It's great to see him back, though.  I also watched about 30 seconds of Junior MasterChef or MasterChef Junior or whatever the shit they're calling this show.  Needless to say, it looks like a piece of shit and is obviously just a launching pad for a bunch of child actors.  Watch - the kids on this show are gonna be seen in future Fox programming - book it.