Monday, August 26, 2013

Pastrami on Rye with Mustard

I wanted to post this again, as this is a unique case of something looking really, really tasty but ultimately being kind of a letdown, which is a phenomenon that we here at Greg's Gourmet are always trying to figure out.

Pastrami, the most sensuous of the deli meats as showcased in a famous Seinfeld episode.

The same pastrami that my mother shuns me for eating with cheese and mayonnaise, citing it as the most un-kosher thing anyone can eat.

Thankfully a delicatessen opened up in La Jolla and while it's still not's still something.

One of the few restaurants that doesn't lie about "piling it high"

So this is a place called Nosh Delicatessen that just opened a couple months ago.  Has a typical delicatessen menu, good plate presentation, but there's something not quite there with this place and I can't quite figure it out.  Maybe it's the waiters who come around to make sure everything is okay despite the fact that they're not actually waiters.  Maybe it's the fact that the food was actually kind of underwhelming despite its beautiful presentation.  I'm serious, this pastrami must have been lean or something because it was lacking in the kind of flavor that I was expecting from it.

Of course being a new restaurant they need some time to work out certain things to see what works and what doesn't so I'd be interested in returning.  Just looking at this pictures is making me salivate all over my screen.